Go fishing in backyard – Building fishing rod

Ishaan had been very curious about fishing lately. Thanks to his friends at his pre-school. So we decided to have a little fun activity creating a magnetic fishing rod and fish, so that he can have a blast of time. It also improves child’s focus, concentration and their fine motor skills as they try to fish.

Ishaan trying to catch the fish with his magnetic fishing rod

Making of the magnetic fishing rod and fish

What do we need?

  • 2 magnets
  • Paper
  • A stick that can be used as a rod
  • Rope

How to make it?

Fold the paper into a fish shape. Fix a magnet near its nose using a sticky tape.

Tie the rope to the stick. To the loose end of the rope fix another magnet using the sticky tape. Voila, the magentic fishing rod and the fish are ready for play.

The making of magnetic fishing rod and fish

Improving fine motor skills through play

  • This activity is super easy to make this. Probably 5 minutes job. Endless hours of play. We made this 3 days ago and it still is Ishaan’s favourite toy.
  • This activity develops concentration and fine motor skills.
  • Lots of fun in birthday parties. You can even have a fishing competition.
  • Make multiple fishes for competition with a time limit and have a fishing competition.


Caught the fish - Improving his fine motor skills



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