An early learners understanding of human heart

Ishaan was four months old when we have first noticed that kids can grasp things very early on. They just dont know our language to communicate. This post gives an introduction to biology and human heart to our early learners.

We randomly pick a topic or a subject and discuss about it in the car, on our way to work and childcare.

A few weeks ago, during one of our road journeys, Ishaan mentioned that he forgot to get his toy and had no “news item” to talk about at his childcare. I thought for a second and suggested that he should talk about his heart. He said he dint know much about it. So I told him what I knew about human heart. Did this sink into his curious little brain? Sure it did. Did it make complete sense to him? Probably not. But it gave him an idea that heart is important, its size and its main function in human body. It arouse his curiosity and gave him an introduction to Biology.

Following this conversation, I thought it would be cool to make a video of him talking about heart.

Here is the Script

Heart is a very important part of human body. And it always says lubdub-lubdub. It pumps blood into your blood vessels

Heart is typically the size of your fist. It can pump blood to your lungs. Lungs oxygenate the blood and pump it back to the heart which inturn gets pumped into our blood vessels and circulates to all of our body.

If you exercise or play physically, your heart beats faster. Jumping, playing, exercising keeps your heart healthy.



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