5 apps that improve kids logic and problem solving ability

Analytical and problem-solving skills are very important in our kids’ daily lives. At Early Leaners, the below are our favourite five free apps, that provide necessary aid and resources to teach coding and improve logic and problem-solving ability in our kids, all while having fun.

Scratch / Scratch Junior:

Scratch Jr is very handy if you have a 2-4-year-old child who needs an introduction to programming. Kids can choose the character, set the scene and create a set of instructions and simple loops. For example, have a cat in the beach scenario, get it to take 3 steps closer to the beach and then play in the sand. Watch Ishaan’s video of using this app here. Scratch, on the other hand, is for 7+ years old kids and the instructions are more similar to phrases.

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This app is for much older kids, 10+ years old. In this era of bots and mixed realities, who does not like bots? This gamification app aims at making coding and robotics fun. There is a tutorial that the kids can go through familiarising themselves with the features and then get cracking at the game, controlling the robotic arm and moving the crates. Fewer the instructions, higher the score. This encourages the kids to improve their solutions and make them better and efficient.

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Daisy the Dinosaur:

This is a great app to introduce programming to young kids, as young as 3 or 4-year-olds. Rather than confusing the kids with names and the coding terminology, the visual interface makes it easy for the kids to implement instructions with easy drag drop of the visual elements. No text! Children find it interesting to play with the cute dinosaur making the app very engaging.


Hopscotch app is built by the same company as Daisy the Dinosaur, Hopscotch Technologies. But Hopscotch is for older kids, 7 or 8-year-olds who can read the text and the written instructions that are present on the screen. Kids can then drag and drop the right “instruction block” to create loops and conditions. It is a great way of introducing programming to older kids.

Box Island:

This app is built by code.org with a goal of making learning coding as fun as possible. It is a game that involves solving puzzles by applying the basics of algorithms, pattern recognition, sequences, loops and conditionals. First 10 levels in the game are free. To play the full game you will need to pay.

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Let us know how you go with the above recommendation. If you think we have missed your favourite app let us know and we will try it out and update our list.


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