A Marshmallow bridge construction experiment

All kids love marshmallows. But they also love the bridges. In this experiment, we tried to create a bridge using marshmallows. We want to introduce the concept of load distribution and show STEM in action.

Our goal was to create a free standing structure using marshmallows and straws. We haven’t used any elastics or tapes in this experiment.

Materials used

1. Marshmallows

2. Straws

Get creative and innovative. Dont worry the exact number of marshmallows or the straws. Dont bother about the shape of the structure.


Building Marshmallow tower and then the bridge Building Marshmallow tower and then the bridge Building Marshmallow tower and then the bridge Building Marshmallow tower and then the bridge Marshmallow Bridge and sneaky eating of the marshmallows

You just want to build a structure that can stand by itself. By getting your child to build these structures, they will understand how to support the structures, and how the load is distributed. And with the tad bit of encouragement they will do the needy to create balance in the structure by distributing the load properly. STEM in action.

made a tower
a bullet train on the bridge



Germinated fenugreek seeds, seedlings in a bowl - Seed germination for kids

Seed germination – Experiment for little gardeners

Plants grow from seeds. Tiny little new plants, called seedlings, grow from the seeds. This process is called germination. These seedlings eventually grow to become cute little plants. This biology experiment helps us to understand this process more practically. This curiosity enables in creating gardening as a new habit.

Importance of learning to code in kids

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